Don’t Pad the Problem, Cure It

About Pads & Diapers

Pads are not a solution to bladder leakage – they are simply a temporary, inconvenient aggravation until you solve the underlying problem that causes your bladder leakage. Bladder leakage is not something that will get better with time and will likely only get worse.

Wearing a pad significantly increases your chances of urinary tract infection.

Some may be concerned about the cost of solving their bladder leakage problem, however, treating the problem with ApexM costs less than purchasing pads, diapers and other products over time. Studies have shown women with incontinence pay approximately $900 annually for routine care and management of incontinence; costs include pads and laundry/dry cleaning.

Let’s Not Forget the Environment

It is estimated that is takes up to 500 years for disposable pads and diapers to decompose.

Forget the bulky pads and treat the problem at the source naturally with ApexM.

Live Your Life With Confidence!

Don’t pad the problem. Cure it naturally with ApexM.