Are you wasting your time performing Kegel exercises?

The Problem


We all heard of Kegel exercises and know that we should be doing them, but do we do them correctly? Squeeze, relax, squeeze relax... Do you ever wonder if they really work? Are you doing them correctly? How long should you squeeze? You might be surprised to know Kegel exercises or pelvic floor muscle contractions are all about proper technique.

Research has shown that over half of women who attempt Kegel exercises do them incorrectly by over- using their abdominal, buttock or leg muscles, resulting in no improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength – you have to contract the correct muscles in isolation in order for it to be effective. Additionally, if you already have weak pelvic floor muscles, you may not be able to contract them effectively.

According to Dr. Arnold Kegel, inventor of Kegel exercises, “Muscles that have lost tone, texture and function can be restored to use by active exercise against progressive resistance since muscles increase in strength in direct proportion to the demands placed upon them.” Simply put, you need to perform your exercises with active resistance —something to squeeze against.

The Solution


ApexM, an automatic pelvic floor exerciser, takes the confusion out of Kegel exercises. ApexM features a patented muscle stimulation algorithm and a customizable probe, which solves the problems with performing Kegel exercises.

ApexM's gentle muscle stimulation automatically contracts the muscles of the pelvic floor, exercising the correct muscles every time to build strength fast. As ApexM contracts and strengthens your muscles more efficiently than you can do on you own, it also provides you with a “mind muscle connection.” It acts as the “aha moment” that lets you know how a proper Kegel exercise should feel when the pelvic floor muscles are contracted in isolation, without using the abdominal, buttock and leg muscles.

Perfect Your Kegels With ApexM

Dr. Kegel’s exercises require “active resistance.” ApexM's customizable, inflatable probe provides the active resistance necessary for building strength.

No trip to the gym for your pelvic floor is complete without impacting both the fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers of the pelvic floor. Your fast-twitch fibers are your fast contraction fibers and your slow- twitch muscle fibers are your endurance fibers.

ApexM activates both types of fibers with the use of our muscle stimulation algorithm and the recommended variance in contraction time in the self-directed toning session.